Is It Me

Watch my new ‘summer feel’ clip from my song ‘IS IT ME’ 

Walk Your Own Line

I’m very proud of the release of my 3rd Album “Walk Your Own Line”. You can listen to it in all major streaming stores, if you like it, please follow me :-).

Is It Me

I’m so delighted that my upcoming CD ‘Walk Your Own Line’ is almost ready ! Release date will be at the end of January 2022.The Single ‘Is It Me’ Will be released before the end of this year 2021. Stay tuned !

There Where You Are

Here are some highlights of the tracks of my latest CD, ‘There Where You Are‘ ! If you like it, you can order in the Shop In 2009, sultry voiced Indonesian born singer-songwriter Cynthia Thijs Coenraad was given words of musical encouragement from her sister Belinda, who passed away suddenly later […]